Everything starts in 1982, by initiative of Makio Hasuike, who designs CROMA, a portfolio created to respond to the need for freedom and lightness.
A design for simple construction, using a humble material: a sheet of plasticized cardboard, die-cut and slotted for assembly.
Light, transparent and waterproof, this series of innovative containers becomes an icon. One of the most often copied originals in the world.
is the series of bags, packs and portfolios in colored fabric, with distinctive adjustable plastic fasteners.
Backpack in thermoformed fabric that revolutionizes the perception of lightness and protection by applying a manufacturing technology used for corsets.
The first telescopic portfolio tube for drawings. A practical, efficient tool that also becomes a filing system using the “Zoom System”.
Agenda case in rigid plastic with built-in zipper made with a single piece of moulded polypropylene, made thinner for greater flexibility.
The 1980s bring international success and the creation of different product lines for the world of work.
In 1987 the first exclusive store of the brand opens at Via Durini 2 in Milan.
In 1988, to meet growing demand on the international market, MH WAY opens a store in Paris, on Rue De Saint Péres in Saint-Germain.
Makio Hasuike calls then “non-designed” objects. The desk becomes the territory for unique “works of architecture”.
A wide range of bags, luggage and accessories in very strong ballistic fabric with tubular edging in flexible plastic.
In the 1990s MH WAY expands its distribution network in the work, leisure and travel sectors.
In 1991 the second monobrand store is opened, at Corso Magenta 5 in Milan.
fabric briefcase with squared swivel handle and outer “throughput” or quick opening pockets.
Flexible but shape-steady briefcases in different formats. The exterior, like a protective shell, conceals a multifunctional compartment for easy personalization.
The third exclusive store is opened in 1993 at Via Durini 5, as well as franchise stores in Rome, Pescara, Munich and Sydney, followed by Singapore and Buenos Aires in 1995, Taipei, Miami, Hong Kong and Bangkok in 1996. Start of distribution in the leather goods sector.
Series of cases and portfolios in colored polypropylene sheet and flexible synthetic rubber for the clasps and handles.
In 1998 a store is opened in Paris on Boulevard Saint Germain, and in Italy 60 MH WAY corners are opened inside qualified stationery stores.
Design created around people. Light and versatile bags to wear, that cling to the body and its movements.
is a young line that includes backpacks, bags and accessories. Large compartments, pockets and internal gear for great immediacy and practicality.
Increase in the number of leather goods sales points, 17 years after the opening of the first MH WAY retail box at La Rinascente in Milan, in the stationery/office department.
The 2000s are a time of experimentation on the use of technological or natural materials, including unusual combinations and the search for new functional roles.
the line that combines technological materials and leather, for work bags, briefcases, backpacks and pouches. MH WAY presents the first bag that becomes a backpack.
includes bags, suitcases and trolleys, accessorized with removable, foldable sacks in light waterproof fabric.
A terse object free of superfluous details, the pure lines of a distinctive shape to enclose all the essential features.
The sliding zipper makes the form, between definite space and a shape in a state of becoming. Like the skin of a piece of fruit (buccia) that protects the pulp inside.
Four bags in one, customized for a total of 80 possible configurations of variable colors, materials and sizes.
MH WAY products enter the MoMA bookshops in New York
Opening of corners in Japan in the design retail sector
represents an attitude: recovery of humble materials and enhancement of their nature through new expressive impact.
is about light mobility and bicycle lovers. Youthful and versatile, a perfect fit with the spirit of urban living.
First URBAN BIKE TOUR in Milan